Definitely a place for the grown and sexy. Mainly people around the age 30 and up. Fairly cheap to get in. Security is tight which is a good thing Dress code in high effect. Drinks are cheap but made strong. Can’t complain – I love it

Alexis Mcdonald

Went for Seafood Thursdays. Nice, clean place. The staff were friendly. Food and drinks (cocktails) were both delicious

Tennille Jacobs

Great music, nice mixture and great Jamaican food. Had a great night of dancing and ran across 5 friends who also came out to have a great time.

Jennifer Bell

Great place to chill and have a drink. Food is very tasty too

Skye Lewis

Great atmosphere and great service!!

Monica Forbes

Seafood Thursday is the best, taste so good.. night club spot to have fun with your friends, Friday through Sunday.. security tight.

Nadine M

Always order food from this place ,their food is amazing. 😁

Maria.isabel Gilbert

Small, yet cozy little spot. Mature crowd. Sometimes you end up waiting to get served due to the size as people love hanging out at the bar even after they have been served.

Kevin Gracey

Seafood Thursdays is hot. Food is great. Awesome music definitely the place to party eat drink and chillax with the crew

DJ Smurf

It’s a very and spacious bar and gril it carry a very mature working class croud make you feel much safer when you’re there.

Glenmore Davis

Sunday night a great vibe and good mix of ppl music was on point. Prices are pretty good considering.

ReDX Brown

Food is great and location and Music was excellent

Hollyann Graham

Good vibes…food music… older group of ppl…some seniors. More men than women.

Jelena Progovac

Food is great!!! Music is great!!! Especially on the weekends, I have not had the pleasure of the whole dining in experience so that is why I gave it a 4 star ..But I definitely want to try the dining in one day… keep up the good work and get some make bartenders lol.

Chrissy Roxx

This captures the Jamaican culture accurately. Coolest Jamaican bar in Toronto.

Karalee Campbell

The best place to be on weekends

Marsharee Smith

Great tunes, choices. Crowd was searching for inspiration but good night. Secure

Marc Moore

My man and I had a great time staff is very friendly. Lots of security that’s great because it made me feel more safe. All in all we will definitely return

Olga A

Sea food was delicious and the best price in town!!

Chantel Scarlet

Great music great food it’s where me and my husband met so lots of good memories.

Jay Phillips

Great food – lovely music – relaxing vibe.

Phiona Lloyd-Henry

So i go here to chill with friends on a Friday night or Saturday night. And on Thursday night. Theres a seafood special with great people and staff. Music for all .

Amelia Liverpool

Food and the service is good. Plus great vibes.

Niki Bryce